Transactional Analysis is a theory of human behaviour and personality and offers a range of models that can be used to understand communication and relationships. It fosters Autonomy – the capacity for awareness, spontaneity and intimacy.
This workshop is meant for those interested in enhancing their relationships and leading a better life. Transactional Analysis provides a comprehensive model to understand behavioural patterns, communication, interpersonal relationship, motivation, attitudes, conflict management and life span development for better living.

Focus and objectives

The course will offer you a way of understanding yourself and others and will include concepts such as Ego States, Strokes, Psychological Games, Life Scripts, etc.
The course will be covered through teaches, exercises, role-plays and emphasis will be on applying the learning in daily life. Participants will be encouraged to make contracts for specific attitudinal and behavioural changes. Transactional Analysis 101 is a pre requisite for those wanting to continue training in Transactional Analysis and is accredited by the International Transactional Analysis Association, USA. Participants completing the two-day course will receive an internationally recognized certificate of participation.


Chitra Ravi, Masters in Psychology, Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) Psychotherapy. Accredited psychotherapist and trainer of the International Transactional Analysis Association and also a practitioner of NLP. She has been practicing Psychotherapy for over a decade and is the founder of SeedTLC, which provides psychotherapy services, TA 101’s, Advanced TA Training and Leadership Coaching for Senior Leaders at various levels in Corporates.